Bethany Forseth-Reichberg

Instrument: Vocals

Age: 25

Last album I bought: 'Dina Ögon' by Dina Ögon

Favourite track atm: 'Vanskelig' by Evig Ferie


Instrument: Bass

Age: 25

Last album I bought: Michael Rother - 'Katzenmusikk'

Favourite track atm: Laddio Bolocko - '43 Minutes of (Excerpt)'

Iver Armand Tandsether

Instrument: Guitar

Age: 26

Last album I bought: Arctic Monkeys - 'Suck it and See' i sånn 2011 elno

Favourite track atm: Magdalena Bay - 'Nothing Baby'

Veslemøy Narvesen

Instrument: Drums

Age: 24

Last album I bought: 'Avatars of Love' by Sondre Lerche

Favourite track atm: 'Kindly' by Ben Wendel